Plasticine 24-Color Rainbow Play Pack

  • $4.99

Creativity has no limits with Plasticine® — the original NO-DRY modeling material for over 100 years!

Invented in 1895 by an English artist and educator, Plasticine® is the original reusable, non-drying modeling compound to be sold to aspiring artists of all ages. Easy to work with for any creative project, Plasticine® never dries out or shrinks, doesn’t stick to your hands, and always stays soft and pliable! These unique properties make Plasticine® the perfect modeling material for free creative expression and for stop-motion claymation. In fact, you’ve undoubtedly seen Plasticine® characters in some of your favorite TV shows or films!   We have been shaping creativity for over 100 years! What will YOU create with Plasticine®?

Product Features:

  • 24 colors (14 oz./400g) non-drying Plasticine® modeling material (colors may vary)
• idea guide