Spirograph® Shapes Set

  • $24.99

Hearts, stars and teardrops… oh my! The classic way for aspiring artists to create amazing designs is getting new pieces for the first time in a generation! This kit features 12 wheels in ALL-NEW unique shapes, as well as 3 new Spirograph® rings to create a whole new, never-before-seen assortment of Spirograph® designs. The sturdy storage box comes with handy organizer tray, three colorful design markers, two 24-page drawing pads, detailed instruction guide and complete set of NEW shaped wheels and rings—which are compatible with all other Original Spirograph® sets. The creative world of Spirograph® is shaping up better than ever!

 Product Features:

  • 12 NEW Shaped Spirograph® Precision Wheels: Barrel, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Heart, Egg, Square, Hexagon, Star, Teardrop, Ellipse, Shield and Diamond Shapes
  • 3 NEW Shaped Spirograph® Precision Rings
  • .17oz (5g) of Reusable Spirograph Putty
  • 3 Colorful Design Markers
  • 14 Page Guide Book
  • 2, 24-Page Drawing Pads
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Storage Box with Built-in Storage Tray